Breast Cancer: Understanding Diagnosis, Classification, and Fascial Techniques for Rehabilitation

November 7-8, 2015

Neumann University
One Neumann Drive
Living and Learning Center 3-G50
Aston, PA 19014

Course Description:

This course is designed in a hybrid format. There are 8.5 hours of online recorded lectures and 2 days of in class participation. The course is desinged to provide participants with the latest evidence and research to understand medical diagnosis, classification, and treatment for breast cancer. There is an exploration and further understanding of the fascial system and its impact on function and how changes in this system may impact dysfunction.

This class is presented by a Physical Therapist specializing in a "Hands On" treatment approach to rehabilitation. Class is presented with an integrated format: distance learning, video, case sutdy, discussion, and emphasizing developing hands on skills. Distance learning will provide the foundation for understanding breast cancer: epidiomology, diagnosis/classification, and algorithm to medical treatment options. In class format, empasizes a "Hands On"approach with emphasis on developing evaluation and treatment techniques to take to to the clinic.
Instruction Level: All

What You Will Need:
Female: 2 piece suit or sports bra and shorts
Male: shorts, Female partner
Sheet x 2/ pillow
Signed release for lab participation

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Registration Fee: $599 early (3 weeks prior) and $650 regular (after 3 weeks)

About the Instructor:

Nancy Stewart, PT, MEd, MPT, CLT has 25 years of clinical experience in treating people with cancer, pelvic floor dsyfunction, spinal cord and brain injury. She graduated from University of the Sciences in PT in 1990. She has been studying, utilizing MFR in clinical practice and teaching these techniques in academia. Nancy has a special interest in Cancer Rehabilitation and is certified in Lymphedema Management. She has lectured as adjunct facutly at Arcadia University and the University of the Sciences. Internationally, she teaches Myofascial Techniques in Women's Health in Scotland and England. Her most recent presentation was at the Fascial Symposium in London, Enlgand with a lecture titled " Fascial Techniques in the Treatment of Common Women's Health Issues"