Therapist Services

Continuing Education

At Elite Rehabilitation Solutions, we are committed to clinical excellence and evidence based practice.  Healthcare professionals need to enhance their clinical knowledge beyond entry level into their profession.  Practicing in an evidence based clinical model provides improved patient outcomes, improved patient satisfaction with care provided, and efficient delivery of patient care. 

Online Courses

Many professionals are striving to find a balance between their professional career and personal lifestyle. In addition, attending professional courses may a be costly and include time away from work and family. Today's technology invites options for continuing professional development at your own pace and time. Participate in our independent study through e-learning.  This innovative format allows you to view the presentation and listen to the lecture at your convenience. 

On-Site Education

Many colleagues in a clinic may share similar interests.  Your employer may consider the option of hosting a course at your place of work.  Elite Rehabilitation Solutions will work with your employer and staff to design a seminar that meets your clinics needs. 

Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in a flexible work schedule?  Does your availability to commit to a work schedule change throughout the year?  Are you interested in working for yourself as an independent contractor?  Utilize Elite Rehabilitation Solutions to find the optimal work environment and schedule.  We provide personalized attention for:

Temporary and/or Ongoing Assignments

Permanent Placement

Elite Rehabilitation Solutions is committed to healthcare professionals who continue to work and grow professionally with us. 


Referral Programs

Professional Development